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3.Easy tweet sharing

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Easy tweet sharing is an android app for sharing tweet in embedded image view.

* Easy Tweet Sharing is an Android app for quickly sharing any tweet from your mobile handset to any other social media platform.
* Every tweet has unique status ID (Tweet ID), this app create embedded view which is shareable snap of tweet from given Tweet ID.
* this embedded image view if tweet is further shareable on any other social media like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.
* Currently default tweeter android app has sharing facility for sharing only tweeter text or Tweet URL from Twitter app.
* There are primarily two ways for sharing tweet from this Android App - "Easy Tweet Sharing".
* 1. Open default Twitter app in your mobile handset share tweet from this app and select "Easy Tweet Sharing" as target options.
once tweet shared, App created embedded image view of tweet which is further shareable to any other social media app like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.
* 2. Every tweet has unique status ID (Tweet ID), embedded image view of tweet can easily created by entering Tweet ID directly on options given in this app.
this app identify Tweet ID and created shareable snap of Tweet.
*Additional to basic functionality you may register copy of app for free and get important notification.
There are invitation and sharing utility in app using which you can share this app to your friends.

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